Our privacy policy is very simple.

The provision of personal data on this site is completely optional and will require the creation of an account with a password and an email address. Use a hard-to-guess password, do not use your birthday, ID number or phone.

If you wish, you can also share personal information in your profile or forums. Remember that this information is public and others will be able to see it.

Certain third parties may have access to your data (which may include personal information, but not your email address) through our APIs and web services or agreements with our business partners. These people may use this information for their own purposes, which may be commercial or non-commercial in nature, and may include direct or direct marketing.

We may use the email address you provided to contact us from time to time and inform you of the Dinesat service. We will never give your address to anyone so that you can contact you directly and offer your own products and services (unless you have given your prior consent). Our policy provides for a simple way to unsubscribe from any message you may receive.

We may display links to third party sites that allow you to provide personal information directly. We recommend that you read the terms of use and the privacy policies of these sites to find out how they treat your personal data.

We use cookies (only we can read) to collect data that allow us to improve the efficiency and quality of our service. If you wish, you can disable these cookies, but this may cause the Dinesat service to not work properly. Third-party advertising companies may also collect information through cookies, such as the websites you visit and other activities in the Dinesat service (this usually does not include personal information). If you are concerned about how your data is managed and you want to know your options about using the information collected, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of these companies. For more information about cookies that are used on the Dinesat website, read paragraph 12 of this policy. By using the services of Dinesat, you accept the use of all our cookies, unless you have disabled the use of cookies in your browser.

Children under 13 do not meet the requirements to use our service and should not register or send us personal information. Young people between the ages of 13 and 17 should not send any information about themselves to others via the Internet (or even to us) without the prior consent of their parents or legal guardians.